Pas que des mauvaises nouvelles

Instead of embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to save Washington from another disastrous war—his plan would put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control and destroy them—influential segments of the American political-media establishment are bent on discrediting him and thus in effect the alternative to war he represents. Still worse, purportedly liberal and progressive voices are playing a full-throated role in this mindless denigration of Putin, notably on CNN and MSNBC.

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani: ‘If the Americans demonstrate, both in words and actions that they are not irrational, then they would find Iranians benevolent, rational, and ready to engage.’

Reasons for quitting Facebook were mainly privacy concerns (48.3 percent), followed by a general dissatisfaction (13.5 percent), negative aspects of online friends (12.6 percent) and the feeling of getting addicted (6.0 percent).


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