Entebbe, anyone?

Comme rapporté ce matin:
Il se passe des évènements au kenya dans un supermarché israélien.

Et comme par hasard, voici l’armée israélienne qui se pointe comme une fleur dans le fameux centre commercial toujours théâtre de combats entre des “rebelles” sortis d’on ne sait où et les forces de “l’ordre” qui semblent bien impuissantes.


Va-t-on avoir droit à l’assassinat en direct de tous les protagonistes, ou au contraire à leur dissimulation (sachant qu’on ne sait même pas à quoi ils ressemblent ou encore quelle est la couleur de leur peau)?

Etant donné que le commando israelien vient de rentrer dans la place, il est possible que ce soit pour la nettoyer:

A Kenyan security official says Israeli forces have entered a shopping mall in the capital, Nairobi, where Somali militants have already killed dozens of people and an unknown number of hostages are still being held.
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says he has lost family members in the deadly attack. He also vowed to bring perpetrators and attackers to justice for targeting innocent civilians

“Let me make it clear. We shall hunt down the perpetrators wherever they run to. We shall get them. We shall punish them for this heinous crime,” Kenyatta said in a televised address to the nation late Saturday.


En tous cas une affaire rondement menée qu’ils espèrent sûrement tourner en opération de presse positive pour leur image…

Tiens, on vient de recevoir cette nouveauté:

“This is funny,” he said and added, “Do you know what al-Shabab is?”

Knowing his identity, I ventured “Aren’t they terrorists?”

Laughing at my ignorance, he explained “al-Shabab is Arabic for ‘The Youth,’ It is like when we say ‘hevre’ in Hebrew.” For my English readers, let me expand that into “the guys,” “the friends,” “the boy scouts.” Seeing that he was making little sense, he added “in every Arab village you will find al-Shabab. Young, unmarried man, passing the time innocently together until they settle down.” I kept drinking my coffee silently; back then, I was too innocent to understand the point being made by the secret police.

“How can you drink so much coffee? Don’t you see? Blame al-Shabab and you stain all Arabs at once. It was us,” he said causing me to burn my throat with the suddenly swallowed coffee. Trusting me, he had just disclosed an Israeli entrapment operation in the West Bank.
Despite the massive presence of Israelis on the spot, Ilana Stein, a spokeswoman for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that one Israeli had been lightly injured, that three others had escaped unharmed and that Israelis had not been specifically targeted. While reading this odd detail, I couldn’t but remember the secret police spook words said to me an eon earlier.
The strangest reaction came from the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi. Unfortunately, the Ambassador was not in the country during the event. Deputy Ambassador Jacob Lopes gave an interview to the Hebrew media, saying that the event was not aimed at Israel or Israelis despite the ownership of the shops. “The first instinct is to think in such a way,” he said and added “but I do not think that is the case. It does not look at this stage, according to my feelings and the data that we are receiving that they were after Israeli targets.”

Dogs don’t bite the hand feeding them,” my spooky acquaintance had told me an eon before.


Nouvelles du matin, comme par hasard certains de ces “terroristes” seraient américains. S’ensuit une valse de comptes twitters fermés (belle collaboration avec l’empire) ainsi que nombre de démentis officiels. Beau travail de la part de cnn, qui quand ils ne mentent pas font tout simplement des gaffes monumentales.

At least three of the attackers responsible for a reign of terror on an upscale Kenyan mall, killing at least 68, are from the United States, CNN reports.

CNN’s Sara Pratley, senior director of coverage at the news network, broke the news on Twitter Sunday afternoon. CNN also reported the news on television.
#cnn has learned from sources that two of the Kenya mall attackers are from Minnesota and one from Missouri.
CNN: Some of The Kenya Mall Attackers Are From U.S.about 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhoneReplyRetweetFavorite
CNN: Some of The Kenya Mall Attackers Are From U.S.
Sara Pratley

A State Department official confirmed to TheBlaze on Sunday they are looking into the report that individuals from the U.S. may have been involved in the attacks.

CNN says the nationalities of the attackers originated from a now-suspended Twitter account, where their sources confirmed nine names listed were among the alleged hostage takers.

Three of the alleged attackers are from the U.S., two are from Somalia and there is one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United Kingdom, according to the list.

TheBlaze has viewed information and names from another Twitter account that surfaced once the original account was taken down, but so far those names are unconfirmed.

An FBI official told TheBlaze they are “unable to confirm whether or not any of the attackers are American,” but added that they are investigating the matter.
Screenshots circulated widely on the Internet show that a suspected Al-Shabab twitter account, with the handle “@HSM_Press2,” earlier tweeted out a list of individuals they say are involved in the Kenya mall attack.

That list included the names of three people the account claimed were from U.S. cities Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Kansas City.

That Twitter account was later suspended, but a U.S. official with direct knowledge of the terrorist organization confirmed to TheBlaze on Sunday evening the “@HSM_Press2″ account was authentic.

A senior administration official told TheBlaze the administration cannot confirm reports that some of the attackers were Americans, but are seeking more details.

It was not immediately clear why the terrorist organization would allegedly out their own operatives by sending out names of individuals they say were involved in the attack.[NDLR: est-ce une vraie organisation?…]

TheBlaze has not been able to confirm the claims made by the account, but we are working to verify the information.

UPDATE, 11:00 PM ET:
BBC Africa is reporting Abu Omar, the Al-Shabab military commander in Somalia, has denied reports Americans are involved in the attack. [NDLR: tiens, ils ont un commandant militaire qui reste debout jusqu’à 23h pour envoyer des démentis sur tweeter?]

Abu Omar, Al Shabaab military commander in Somalia, denies that there were any Britons or Americans involved in the attack #BBCNewsday
CNN: Some of The Kenya Mall Attackers Are From U.S.about 3 hours ago via SocialFlowReplyRetweetFavorite
CNN: Some of The Kenya Mall Attackers Are From U.S.
BBC Africa

This is a developing news story. Updates will be added.

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En bref ça pue le false flag assorti d’une histoire louche de gaffe monumentale par derrière. Peut-être que l’un des “terroristes” prévus n’a pas pu venir et ce faisant a constaté que c’était un coup monté où ils se sont tous fait avoir alors il pourrait avoir craché le morceau. S’ensuivit-il une tentative de récupération assez bancale?

Par hasard, y aurait-il un rapport entre les évènements islamistes du kenya et ça:


The recent discovery of oil deposits in Kenya’s Turkana County could increase insecurity in the region.

Political scientists remain divided on the link between natural resources and armed conflict in Africa. One school of thought suggests that competition over the control of resources is itself a motivation for the development of armed insurgencies. Others – opponents of this greed-based theory – suggest that control over resources serves as a mechanism to correct economic and political inequalities. But all agree on one thing: there is a positive relationship between the availability of lootable resources and armed insurrection, and this is particularly the case where populations have been marginalised.

Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta follows this pattern – the Delta experienced a protracted insurgency against the region’s hydrocarbon industry due to the negative impacts of oil exploration and the question of profit distribution. The conflict occurred in a context of ethnically-motivated violence and a burgeoning small arms trade, leading to the rapid militarisation of the region.


ou ça:

Two aquifers — underground layers of permeable rock or silt soaked in water — were found in the Turkana region, the scene of a devastating drought two years ago that aid workers said pushed malnutrition rates up to 37 percent.

“The news about these water reserves comes at a time when reliable water supplies are highly needed,” said Judi Wakhungu, cabinet secretary in the Kenyan ministry of environment, water and natural resources.

“This newly found wealth of water opens a door to a more prosperous future for the people of Turkana and the nation as a whole. We must now work to further explore these resources responsibly and safeguard them for future generations,” Wakhungu said at the start of a water security conference in Nairobi.

The firm which carried out the survey, Radar Technologies International (RTI), said the area hosts a minimum reserve of 250 billion cubic meters of water, which is recharged at a rate of 3.4 billion cubic meters per year — almost equivalent to annual water consumption in Austria.

“Hundreds of thousands of livestock die because of recurring droughts. This won’t happen anymore,” RTI president Alain Gachet told AFP.


PS: concernant l’affaire dite d’Entebbe, le lecteur curieux se référrera à

Les plus érudits pourront se remémorer la fameuse affaire de lavon:

Et pour le plaisir, une autre affaire, du 15 ans d’âge seulement:

High drama and total flim flam No one really looked at this event when it happened so the cover story was accepted as gospel.Some obvious problems with the official story:

If this was an attack on the US, then why were the vast majority of the victims Kenyans?

Where were the US Marines who guard embassies all over the world? The guards at this embassy were said to be unarmed. Really?

The US ambassador to Kenya vehemently requested greater security before the attack. Her requests were ignored.

Why did the FBI keep its top Osama bin Laden, John O’Neil, away from the investigation?

How did a truck bomb cause a modern office building to collapse completely? Physics doesn’t work that way.

A grenade thrown into the truck by a fleeing terrorist detonated the truck bomb? Really? And he was able to run fast enough to get away even though the blast wave was apparently strong enough to turn concrete into dust at a distance? (an impossibility by the way.)

Takeaway: The same guy who “investigated” the Oklahoma City bombing was sent in to cook up the story about this one too.



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