Recherche fondamentaliste…

Allemande; il est ici question de rigueur scientifique.

Problème quand tout le monde est bourré, qui peut encore être capable de servir à boire? -Réponse: un robot barman.
C’est simple mais il fallait y penser:

German scientists are looking to improve human to robotic interaction by setting the two up together at the bar.

Modern science has already produced more than one robotic bartender capable of pouring spirits into cups, giving them a shake and serving them up to thirsty bar patrons. These bartenders have to be told what to do via smartphone app, however, and cannot anticipate when someone wants a refill.

Professor Jan de Ruiter with Bielefeld University in Germany has been working to improve robotic technology to the point where the machines can recognize visual cues and body language — but first he had to understand it himself. He and his team of researchers studied the way people order drinks at the bar and found the most effective way is also the simplest — walking directly to the bar, looking square at the bartender, and asking for a drink.

Dr. Ruiter’s research is now published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Recognizing the intention of others is important in all social interactions, especially in the service domain. Enabling a bartending robot to serve customers is particularly challenging as the system has to recognize the social signals produced by customers and respond appropriately.

Une chose est sûre: les recherches devraient être poussées, d’autant qu’oktober fest approche à grands pas…


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