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Des “rebelles”(?) ont bombardé l’ambassade russe. Bilan: personne à droite et 3 diplomates blessés à gauche.

Quelqu’un a tout intérêt à faire réagir la russie de façon impulsive, mais à l’instar de tout russe patient poutine n’est nullement pressé; le gouvernement américain est assez impopulaire dans son propre peuple ainsi que son armée…

BEIRUT — A mortar round hit the compound of the Russian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday, a source at the embassy and an NGO said.

The source, speaking to Syrian state news agency SANA, confirmed that “a mortar round fell inside the embassy compound without injuring anyone.”

“The embassy is functioning as normal,” the source added.

Et bizarrement les usa feraient du chantage à la russie concernant la résolution de l’onu au sujet des armes chimiques syrienne:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday accused the United States of blackmailing Russia over a tough UN resolution against Syria, and said the West is blinded by the idea of regime change in the war-torn country.

“Our American partners are beginning to blackmail us: if Russia won’t support a resolution under Chapter VII in the UN Security Council, then we will stop the work in the Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” Lavrov said in a Channel One interview, according to Russian agencies.

He said the OPCW is “about to make a decision” on Syria but the process is threatened by the “arrogant position of some Western partners”.

“Our partners are now blinded by their ideological goal of regime change (in Syria)” Lavrov added. “All they talk about is that Bashar al-Assad must leave.”

They are only interested in proving their own superiority. Not in the goal that is guiding us, to solve the problem of chemical weapons in Syria,” Lavrov said.


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