Une femme avec des couilles

On se souvient de l’héroïsme de Cynthia McKiney en 2001 qui fut la seule parlementaire américaine à s’opposer au passage du patriot act dans la foulée des événements du 11 septembre.

Ici encore c’est une femme qui ose la première se soulever publiquement contre le double standard (donc l’hypocrisie) des américains et israeliens concernant l’arsenal chimique syrien alors qu’ils vendent leurs bombes à fragmentation aux arabes, qu’ils phosphorent fallujah ou laissent les israéliens phosphorer gaza.

She accused the US and Israel of using chemical weapons themselves when it suits them. “Look at white phosphorus. There’s been very clearly documented examples where it’s been used as a weapon, fired directly at people, and there’s no doubt it’s a chemical weapon used in those circumstances. It’s a chemical which oxidises on contact with air and just keeps burning. It inflicts hideous burns because it just keeps on burning until it runs out of oxygen, so right down to the bone.”


Etant donné son caractère, il est clair que les responsables israéliens ont raison d’être nerveux, sachant que leurs tactiques traditionnelles d’attaques ad hominem ont toutes les chances de ne rien donner, voire de se retourner contre eux. Comment vont-ils arriver à la faire taire?

The Haaretz daily newspaper reported this week that the prospect of mounting international pressure on Israel to come clean on its WMD was “keeping quite a few top Israeli defence officials awake at night”.

Shlomo Brom, a former Israeli general and now a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, called Israel’s current policy on chemical weapons “unwise”.
In winter 2008-09, Israel was also widely criticised for using white phosphorus in built-up areas of Gaza. Although allowed if used to create a smokescreen on the battlefield, white phosphorus is considered a chemical weapon when used in areas where civilians are likely to be present. Burning lumps of the chemical sear through flesh and lungs and are difficult to extinguish.

Under international pressure, the Israeli military promised to end the chemical’s use earlier this year. [NDLR: on sait tous ce qu’on peut leur faire confiance]



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