Tour d’horizon

Foxconn China plant closed after 2,000 riot (la joie de posséder un iphone égale celle de le construire)

French interior minister defends call to kick out Roma people (à défaut de pouvoir taper sur la gueule des syriens?)

UK biggest airport rips off passengers

State Lawmaker Proposes Taxing Bottled Water As Way To Increase Revenues (lire: après la gabelle, et avant de nous faire payer l’air qu’on respire)

Italy undergoing a very real deindustrialisation

Spanish patients suffer due to ‘devastating’ cuts

JPMorgan offers $3 bn to settle Justice probes (tout pour ne pas être inculpé une fois de plus; les banquiers tiennent toujours à jouer les petits gars honnêtes.)

October 17th : The Day The U.S. May Run Out Of Cash

US House vote coming on emergency spending bill

Internal Senate email warns lawmakers not to sign up for Obamacare yet (le “yet” est de trop. Au mieux ce pourrait être un nyet)

$5.25 Million For Senate Hair Care And 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense (difficile d’abandonner ses acquis sociaux)

Tone Deaf Dianne Feinstein Thinks Now Is A Good Time To Revive CISPA

Obama: America ‘Exceptional’ Because of All the Wars

Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at the U.N.

Obama and the Usual American ‘DAM’ Exceptionalism – Delusion, Arrogance and Mendacity

Pres. Obama “Fired Up” and Ready to Repeal Second Amendment (lire: illégal en plus d’être une cause de destitution)

PICS – Guy keeps finding his repeal NY SAFE Act sign missing. He set up a deer cam. This is what he found…

Kerry to Sign UN Arms Treaty, Despite Senators’ Opposition

Corker Warns Obama Administration Against Any Action to Implement U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Without Senate Advice and Consent

Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Now Starting To Happen All Over The Globe

Emergency Alert, Please Stand By – US Is Headed Towards the Second Great Depression!

Gold Bars Worth Over $2 Million Vanish On Flight From Paris To Zurich

Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

The Fed Is Looking Into Suspicious Trading After Meeting

Record Gun Sales in Maryland as Tyrannical Law Looms (lire: obama est le meilleur vendeur d’armes connu à ce jour)

Status of the Resistance Movement: Growing, Deepening, Succeeding

UPDATED: Modoc County joins Siskiyou in state of Jefferson bid for secession

Defense Dept Announces 9000 Troops Deployed To Afghanistan This Winter

Pentagon to invest over $1 billion to upgrade US drone base in Djibouti

US moves East African drone base following series of crashes

US Plans Nuclear-Capable Missile Test on Day of UN Nuclear Disarmament Meeting (en espérant qu’aucun accident fâcheux n’arrive par hasard ce jour-là…)

Doomsday scenario plan would divide North Korea

Benghazi Scandal – Exclusive: More Benghazi Weapons Ending Up In Hands Of Terror Groups (ou: un scandale qui refuse de mourir)

For Prisoners ‘Abandoned’ in Gitmo ‘Hell,’ Struggle Not Over

Deadline set for death penalty recommendation against Boston marathon bombing suspect

That commenter on your blog may actually be working for the Israeli government (ou: comment gagner de l’argent en travaillant depuis chez soi)

Israel demolishes Bedouin village in E1 — that Obama declared was key to two-state solution (lire: israel crache dans l’oeil d’obama)

Now’s The Time To Strip Israel of its WMDs

Rouhani’s UN speech is a ‘cynical PR stunt’, says Netanyahu

Can Israel Wreak United States-Iran Talks?

Globe-trotting US lawmakers flocked to Israel in August, figures show (en gros ils sont allés prendre leurs ordres ainsi que leurs enveloppes)

US backed down from stance on Iran

The Handshake That Wasn’t: Obama and Iranian Leader Don’t Meet, But Diplomatic Opening Widens

Al Qaeda-Linked Syria Group Enjoying USAID? You’ve Got to See This to Believe It

Questions Plague UN Report on Syria

Time to Call the Syrian War What It Is

Syria schism: West-backed rebels shun West-backed opposition coalition

The US Strategy In Syria Is Unraveling (si assad reste, ils ont perdu, et s’ils gagnent, ceux qui remplaceront assad sont plus anti-americano-israeliens etc. donc ils auront perdu, cqfd. Se référer à l’article de poutine dans le nyt du 12 septembre 2013)

Moscow Suspects Syrian Rebels of Holding CW Components (comprendre: ils vont déballer ce qu’ils savent très prochainement)

US Caught in Sarin Terror Plot (c’est ça qu’ils savent?)

Rockets Used in Damascus CW Attack Fired from Makeshift Flatbeds, Not Military Vehicles

Are FSA Terrorists Using White Phosphorus in their Terror?

The Syrian Army Has the Ability To Shoot-Down Waves of American Tomahawks (excellent article, bien que très mal traduit)
“The next wave of cruise missiles can be launched only after the first 15-20 minutes. Experience shows that less than 5-10% of cruise missiles immediately after launch, suffer from technical failure. This is why the missiles are followed accurately within the first 50-70 km by radar ship launch, and if there is more than ± 15 ° relative to the path difference inscribed in his memory, the control of destruct is triggered.”

Egyptian minister praises Obama’s remarks on Egypt, Hamas slams Egypt’s FM for threatening to attack Gaza (ce qui pose la question du pourquoi avoir destitué morsi…)

Report says PRISM snooped on India’s space, nuclear programs (lire: belle mentalité avec des supposés alliés)

NSA planted bugs at Indian missions in D.C., U.N.

SNOWDEN FALLOUT: EU Threatens to Suspend US Data Sharing Over NSA Spying (ça c’est l’étape suivante pour l’inde…)

Brazilian president: US surveillance a ‘breach of international law’ (et ça c’est encore un cran plus loin)

NSA chief defends spying on Americans

ça c’est une bombe: après l’affaire du navy yard et surtout celle de snowden, il est possible qu’une petite chasse aux sorcières soit en cours…
Exclusive: Hundreds of U.S. security clearances seen falsified

et pour finir sur une note optimiste:
“On the night of February 5, 1958 a B-47 Stratojet bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb on a night training flight off the Georgia coast collided with an F-86 Saberjet fighter at 36,000 feet. The collision destroyed the fighter and severely damaged a wing of the bomber, leaving one of its engines partially dislodged. The bomber’s pilot, Maj. Howard Richardson, was instructed to jettison the H-bomb before attempting a landing. Richardson dropped the bomb into the shallow waters of Wassaw Slough, near the mouth of the Savannah River, a few miles from the city of Tybee Island, where he believed the bomb would be swiftly recovered.”


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