Du rififi chez les hellènes

rumeurs de coup en grèce…

A group calling itself the Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) wants the government to resign, the suspension of all laws relating to the troika memorandum and the expulsion of ‘illegal immigrants’


Le post est effacé on dirait:

traduction automatique, donc un peu pourrie, mais on comprend le sens
Urged citizens to rally the troops and throw the government

Prosecution investigation ordered by the head of the Misdemeanors Prosecutor of Athens Ms. Panagiota lenses to mark text posted on the Internet and urged citizens to rally the troops and throw the government. The research will be carried out by the subaddress Electronic Crime Greek Police will seek any criminal acts.

Wednesday evening held an emergency meeting on the matter to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court as Advocate of the Supreme Court Mr. Euterpe Goutzamanis. The meeting was attended by the Head of the District Attorney of Athens Mrs Panagiota lenses, the prosecutor Ioannis Sakelakos well as Mr. K. Tzavelas prosecutor Counterterrorism Office.


ATHENS, Greece — An Athens prosecutor ordered an investigation Thursday into a blog post on a military reservists’ website demanding the resignation of the government and president and the appointment of an interim government under the guarantee of the armed forces.

The investigation into the post, which appeared overnight on the Special Forces Reserve Union site, is to be carried out by the electronic crimes squad, misdemeanor court authorities said.

The posting, which claimed it was speaking on behalf of the special forces reservists and the Greek people, demanded “the immediate resignation of the government due to its inability to provide to the nation the constitutional rights to labor … health, education, justice, security.”



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