Et deux jours plus tard…

C’était l’attaque fortuite à nairobi. Souvenez-vous… Tous ces méchants islamistes sortis de nulle part, ces barbus qui vivent dans des tentes (généreusement offertes par oncle sam) et qui tirent des roquettes de mauvaise qualité.

Kenya wants to host a clearing house for China’s yuan currency – a bold African first that would deepen the continent’s ties with Beijing, already a big investor from The Cape to Cairo.

Such a venture would not eclipse the dollar in Africa anytime soon, however, because the yuan is tightly managed and traders are wedded to the greenback’s flexibility.

Africans can already get quotes for their currencies against the yuan . A clearing house would cut the need for dollar settlements, speed things up and reduce costs.

yuanBut the real prize for Kenya, or any other African host, would be the symbolism of being the continent’s business gateway with Asia’s economic emperor, even if business starts modestly.

Such an exchange would also be the first outside Asia.

PS: bonus, on en a déjà parlé mais il est probablement utile de revoir ce point dans cette perspective:

Il y a du pétrole là-bas aussi…

a-t-on déjà vu du pétrole sans pétrodollars?


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