Le manège enchanté

Il paraît que les sénateurs américains aimeraient arrêter l’espionnage interne de la NSA sur les américains. Mais il est possible que la NSA ai déjà beaucoup de renseignements sur ces mêmes sénateurs. Au cas où ils auraient des choses à cacher je ne parierais pas sur le succès d’une telle loi, qui au mieux sera sûrement très amendée considérant ceci:

A group of U-S senators have prepared a bill in a bid to put an end to the National Security Agency’s cyber spying on Americans.

The lawmakers say the N-S-A’s collecting of phone records and data on Internet usage has cost the United States economically and angered its allies. They argue that their bill is an appropriate response to disclosures this past summer about the controversial surveillance programs. Newly-released documents show the N-S-A spied on civil rights icon Martin Luther King, heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, and even a number of senators. The U-S administration is under heavy criticism– both at home and abroad– over its vast espionage program that includes many of Washington’s close allies. The White House, however, continues to argue that the N-S-A programs are crucial in combating terrorism.


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