Pendant que sarko faisait abattre khadafi

les rosbifs, bien plus intelligents le mettaient de côté, au cas où il aurait fallu le ressortir probablement:

Equatorial Guinea “was chosen as a prospective retirement home”, according to the book.

Ultimately, Colonel Gaddafi was killed by rebels as he tried to flee Sirte in October 2011. It was believed that he was heading for the border of Niger at the time of his death.

His 50-car convoy was attacked by Nato airplanes before rebels attacked on the ground. Colonel Gaddafi was tortured before he was killed.

It has previously been reported that Colonel Gaddafi was being escorted by a group of private force of South African fighters when he came under attack.

One of the South Africans subsequently claimed that they believed the escape attempt was operating with tacit support from Western countries.

However, the group drove into an ambush with sustained air strikes from French warplanes and ground attacks from rebel fighters.

Equatorial Guinea gained notoriety after an unsuccessful coup attempt in 2004 led by the old Etonian Simon Mann.

The “Wonga Coup” failed after a group of mercenaries were arrested in Zimbabwe shortly before launching an attack.

Although the ICC had issued an arrest warrant for Colonel Gaddafi, Equatorial Guinea’s refusal to recognise the court’s authority would have kept Colonel Gaddafi outside its reach.

It is believed that some of the mercenaries involved in the Equatorial Guinea coup were also involved in the attempt to extract Gaddafi.

Crause Steyl, a pilot and one-time business partner of Sir Mark Thatcher, claimed he was asked, just after the Libyan dictator’s death, to fly stranded mercenaries – former soldiers and South African policemen – out of a mission “which had gone badly wrong”. Mr Steyl was not involved in the Libyan rescue attempt.

Dr Julian Lewis, the Conservative MP for New Forest East, said that Colonel Gaddafi’s fate might make it harder to negotiate with dictators in the future.

Whilst no-one need shed any tears for him personally, his fate will not encourage other tyrants to accept Western encouragement to turn away from terrorism. If you don’t give such dictators a possible way out, they have nothing to lose by fighting on to the bitter end,” said Dr Lewis.

On trouve toujours beaucoup plus fourbe que soi. Sarkozy a complètement merdé sur ce coup.


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