Petites dissentions dans l’appareil gouvernemental

Un quelconque agent de la cia (donc un repenti) nous démontre qu’obama est un medium voyant marabout translucide puisqu’il tire des conclusions ex nihilo. Extraits:

There is not a shred of intelligence to substantiate that this attack that occurred was carried out by the Syrian government, and in fact I am told by a good friend who’s still at senior levels inside the CIA that we know for a fact that Assad didn’t do it.” – Larry C. Johnson

Either the intelligence community is incompetent, [it] has the information and is sitting on it, or what the administration is claiming happened did not really happen,” Johnson says. “I know for a fact that the latter is the case.”

I am impressed by [the administration’s] incompetence. This was really amateur hour, the way they carried it out. They were following the George W. Bush playbook for going to war in Iraq, but they couldn’t get a consistent message and they didn’t have the benefit of 9/11 and 3,000 bodies laying around to use to persuade Americans that they needed to go to war. George W. Bush and company effectively played that hand.”

“If you wanna boil it down to any one thing, the biggest problem with the intelligence community, apart from its size and lack of focus, is the complete lack of accountability… There’s no effective oversight. Not a single person was fired, demoted, punished over the 9/11 attacks. There’s some evidence that there were ample warnings and those warnings were ignored. In many cases, the intelligence community can do its work, but if they’re ignored because the information they’re presenting doesn’t fit with what is politically popular or politically convenient, then it’s shut out.”

“Realistically,” Johnson says, “You’ll never get it remedied. Hell no. It’s too big, You’ve got too many institutional assets, you’ve got too many people’s livelihoods dependent on it. We’ll keep doing it until the thing collapses of its own weight.”


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