Assad n’a pas besoin de se presser

La turquie est entre de mauvaises mains, celles d’erdogan, juste assez mauvaises pour ignorer le mélange ethnique chez eux et le retour de manivelle qui pourrait suivre…

How the Syrian War Is Stoking Sectarian Tensions in Turkey
Members of the sect that Assad belongs to think the rebels and their Sunni allies are nothing but trouble.

In Istanbul and Ankara, protests against Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian yet enduringly popular Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, though much smaller than earlier, have become an almost weekly occurrence since June. But in Antakya, home to a large Arab Alawite minority to which both Cömert and Atakan belonged, they have also acquired a palpably sectarian tint.

Turkey’s Alawites, most of them concentrated in and around Antakya, are said to number up to one million. Though ethnically Arab, many consider themselves part of the much bigger family of Turkish Alevis, a community of anywhere from 12 to 20 million. A large majority of Turks, including Sunnis, oppose any outside intervention in Syria, but anti-war and pro-Syria sentiment is particularly pronounced among Alawites, whose ethnic kinsmen, including President Bashar al Assad, form the core of Syria’s ruling elite.


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