Comme dans les meilleurs vaudevilles

C’est le mari cocu qui est le dernier au courant; en l’occurence le président kényan qui s’est bien fait avoir parce que sa famille y a laissé des plumes (dans la galerie marchande):

Kenyan government ministers received warnings of a possible attack before al-Shabab gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping centre, reports say.

Leaked intelligence briefings detailed plans for attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa, according to Kenyan media.

Four cabinet ministers and the head of Kenya’s defence forces are said to have been informed.

At least 67 people were killed after al-Shabab stormed the mall on 21 September.

Briefings were given to the ministers “informing them of increasing threat of terrorism and of plans to launch simultaneous attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa around September 13 and 20, 2013”, Kenya’s Daily Nation quotes counter-terrorism reports as saying.

The warnings were first made in January, according to the newspaper, and again from the beginning of September.

A dossier from the National Intelligence Service – amounting to more than 8,000 pages according to Kenya’s Standard newspaper – also suggests the Israelis issued warnings that buildings owned by its citizens could be attacked between 4 and 28 September.

Westgate is partly Israeli-owned.

Question: les israeliens sont-ils des victimes dans cette affaire?


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