Moral des troupes et santé mentale

Sont deux choses qui ne vont pas très bien en ce moment. En cause la servilité des gouvernements vis-à-vis d’un lobby qui n’existe pas, mais aussi certains traitements que les troupes reçoivent:

UK military refuses to ban dangerous anti-malarial drug

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD)’s refusal to ban a controversial anti-malarial drug is endangering thousands of UK troops because it has some killer side-effects such as psychosis and suicide, media reports said.

The drug, Mefloquine – better known as Lariam, has been banned by the U.S. military because of its effects on mental health and the dangers it poses to troops because of its high level of toxicity, The Independent reported.

After the drug known as a modern-day “Agent Orange” by doctors was linked to a series of suicides and murders – the most typical of which was the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by a U.S. trooper – the U.S. military announced a total ban on its use this month.

Lt Col Ashcroft, who retired in April, accused the MoD of being in “denial mode”.

“The problem is that it can make people have psychotic thoughts and therefore act in an irrational manner and potentially a manner that is dangerous to themselves or their colleagues, or civilians”, he added.


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