SOS enfants battus

Assad a peur de s’en prendre une. . . Sans être parano on comprend bien son point de vue.

Assad Fears US Aggression

His fears are well-founded. He knows what he’s up against. Longstanding US plans call for regime change. They remain firm.

Assad’s willingness to destroy his chemical weapons delayed US action. It didn’t deter it.

On September 25, Latin America’s TeleSUR TV interviewed him in Damascus. “(T)he potential for a military offensive will always be present,” he said.

It can come “(e)ither under the pretext of chemical weapons, or at other times under different pretexts.” More on what he said below.

Permanent UN Security Council members continue discussing resolution language on Syria. Itar Tass quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov saying negotiations are “going quite well.”

Draft resolution language should be finalized “very soon – within the next two days.” Gatilov said it will include a UN Charter Chapter VII reference short of authorizing military force.

A separate resolution would be required to do so. Russia forthrightly opposes force. It wants Syria’s crisis resolved diplomatically. It wants Syrians alone deciding who’ll lead them. It wants no external interference in their internal affairs.


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