Academy of spiritual blabla

Comme nous l’avions déjà relaté, poutine a sauvé le monde dans la nuit du 28 au 29 août dernier. A ce titre il est normal qu’il soit nommé dans la liste des candidats au prix nobel de la paix. Mais l’organisation derrière semble plutôt bizarre… Obama devrait tout de même en profiter pour rendre le sien…

The International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the Peoples of the World [NDLR: qu’est-ce que c’est que ce truc?] announced Tuesday that it had written to the Nobel Prize committee, backing Putin for his plan that helped avert a “new world war.”

The patriotic Russian group said Putin deserves the award for his efforts in brokering an agreement for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons under international control.

Ruling party lawmaker and famous singer Iosif Kobzon also added that Putin was more deserving of the Nobel Prize than Obama.

Our president, who is trying to stop the war and suggest a political solution, is more worthy of such a title,” said Kobzon, adding that Obama is “the person who initiated and approved such aggressive acts as Iraq and Afghanistan and who is preparing for intervention in Syria.”


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