sos coeurs brisés

netanyahu va pleurnicher et s’enrager à washington, tous frais payés par le contribuable américain, lequel n’a plus les moyens d’entretenir la pieuvre fédérale. Inutile de compter sur une quelconque démonstration de force de caractère de la part d’obama.
Rien de nouveau sous le soleil.

Following a relative easing of tension between U.S. and Iranian leaders last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set off to the U.S. in a bid to convince the Obama administration to keep war on the table despite Iran’s seemingly conciliatory new leadership.

Netanyahu met U.S. President Barack Obama for lunch at the White House on Monday, while protesters outside chanted “try Bibi for war crimes” in reference to the Israel’s ongoing treatment of Palestinians. During the meeting Netanyahu urged Obama to keep sanctions in place against Iran, if not strengthen them, and to keep war an active option against the country.

In lockstep with his Israeli counterpart Obama vowed to keep all options on the table, including the possibility of a military response to Tehran.


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