The conundrum of human nature

Here’s another story about rotten carcasses & skeletons hiding in plain sight: as a useless and conspicuously mean middleman meddling with other people’s businesses and charging them for this, wall street makes a killing as well as a filthy amount of money on the back of society without creating any economic worth (didn’t we knew already?). Current strategies stem from overtaking other people’s orders in the market queues thanks to undocumented quirks to waiting for the “dinner” when pension funds fill big orders in order to cause “death by a thousand cuts”, and so on. It all boils down to insider trading coupled to unfair advantages.

Therefore they cost the world dearly but nobody seems to willingly understand their lack of virtues (maybe because the press would not bite the hand that feeds them but this is another story). The worst is they divert talented and promising young people from participating to the economy the way they were raised and educated to by luring them into making quick and dirty profits instead of fulfiling their dreams.

Wall street’s burden on civilization ar large is therefore doubled as not only do they shamelessly suck bodily fluids out of the corpse, but also prevent progresses of society by doing so. Of course some of these young lads end up teared off as time goes by. This documentary accounts for one of them who bitterly realizes he’s been wrong all the time. This said he keeps on misbehaving by trading in the end as he’s got nowhere else to go…

Sophistication apart, this kind of scheme comes a long way from the roman empire and even before. This is just another unsurprising and adorable expression of mother nature

0- poor boy is now a pariah

rule 34: if it exists there must be a porn about it

1- intelligence is the result of evolution

2- it is about circumventing nature & counteracting evolutionary progress…

3- therefore paving the way for efficient competition or advanced decay

4- thus making intelligent species disappear by themselves (nature hates intelligence which hates nature in return)

as a matter of fact, rule 34 should probably be completed by rule 35:
if it exists not only is there a porno about it, but also an under the cloak blockbuster snuff movie around everybody watched except me.

Corollary 0: nobody pisses against the wind

Corollary 1: greed is the pinnacle of human evolution

Corollary 2: on a short enough timeline, the survival rate for every intelligent species drops to zero. So chances to make an encounter of the third type are merely zero.

Corollary 3: nobody will ever save us from wall street, the fate of humanity is sealed.

Corollary 4: being dumb is good; it’s proven safe and against all odds. Studies prove idiots have the happiest everafters. Buy a ticket, join the line.

As a closing statement, I personally feel this interesting documentary should have better been to aired on the discovery channel instead.


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